About liannetsys

Liannetsys is a software development company specializing in blockchain and business solutions. We aim to provide affordable and modern technical solutions for businesses large and small. Being one of the pioneers of blockchain in the industry, we have also developed and deployed the Ambertime blockchain, and helped our clients start their own cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Mission & Vision


To build long term synergetic relationships between our customers, clients and employees, and to nurture the growth of businesses and staffs through technology and compassion.


To empower the business community with affordable yet modern quality services and solutions, and help them achieve higher profitability by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations through computer systems.


Your business is as important as its online presence, and we are here to make your company be known in the tech world with our design in mind.


Our system not only implements quality design but also administer
quality user experience that defines
our standards.


We can help you improve your business efficiently through computer modernization and automation using state-of-the-art technology at an incredibly affordable price.

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